Artyom Bologov, A Turing-complete Programmer

By Artyom Bologov

My story starts with implementing sqrt in Brainfuck—university assignment on Turing-completeness. I haven't succeeded at sqrt, but I've tasted the forbidded fruit of Turing tarpits. Be it Brainfuck, Lisp (I taught myself to Lisp by reading r/lisp), Lambda Calculus, or buffer overflows. I also dug into Complexity Science, Systems Analysis, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Information Theory, Agent-based Simulation, Game-Theoretic models, and Business Process Analysis, which is all around my interest in Complexity, Decision Making, and Computation.

In parallel to university, I worked on Nyxt browser. Both in the network/C/renderer/ back-end libraries and in Web-design/UX/HTML/CSS/JavaScript/front-end. Thus my interest in semantic Web Design, Accessibility, and... C.

Researching complex problems and doing seemingly impossible (and often deliberately meaningless) things—that's me! I am patient and creative when approaching something big and uncertain.

And here I am, working on half a dozen projects around Internet, REPLs, and Computation itself.

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